Buddhist Holidays for Sikkim Public Holidays 2017

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sikkimSikkim is the very last indian state to leave its monarchy. In 1975, Sikkim state got fully integrated into India. Sikkim is the only country bordered by 3 neighbouring countries namely Nepal, China, and Bhutan and indian state west bengal and it is located in the Himalayan Mountains. Sikkim has lowest population in india and it is also the 2nd smallest state in terms of geographical area. Most sikkimese practice Hinduism then too there is diverse religious practice like 27% bhuddist, 10% chrisitans and very least percentage of muslims. So all compiled together formed the public holidays of sikkim state to celebrate their festivals like diwali, christmas, ramadan and buddha poornima.

The Department of Information Technology of the state govt of sikkim fixes the public holidays 2017 as like every year. Along with all other states and U.T. in India, Sikkim observes the day of Republic Day, Independence Day and Mahatma Ghandi Birthday. There is holiday off for Good Friday & Christmas Day.

Maghe Sankranti is one such festival celebrated on the 1st of Magh month as per nepal calendar of Bikram Samwal. This falls around January 14 and this festival ends the month of Poush while all the religious ceremonies are forbidden. This sikkim festival is same as solstice festivals of other religions. Buddhist of tibet celerbate the festival of Saga Dawa so as to bring good karma through merits.

Date Day Holiday
26 Jan Thu Republic Day
(National Day)
15 Aug Tue Independence Day
2 Oct Mon Mahatma Gandhi’s

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