Hornbill Holidays List for Nagaland Tribes in 2017

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nagaland-office-holidays-2017In 1963, Nagaland formed as the sixteenth state in India with many administrative districts among 16 major tribes. The Nagaland tribes are unique in their customs, linguistics, and costumes. Music plays an significant role of their daily life. There are many famous songs eulogising fore-fathers, the soldiers bravery and immortalising olden love stories. Almost all tribes get engaged in cultural and traditional ceremonies showing their beliefs and faith and thus forms the public holidays of nagaland in this connection.

The state govt. of nagaland fully accountable for declaring Public holidays 2017 in nagaland. There are indian national holidays which coincide with their public holidays. One good holiday is formed over Hornbill Festival which is a weeklong festival scheduled starting December 1. This is the day when the state of nagaland was constituted. The agrarian calendar of nagarland indicates the date of hornbill festival throughout the month of december according to each and every exclusive tribes.

As many as Christmas live there, there are public holidays announced for christmas and Good Friday too. The nagaland citizens are patriotric in observing the Independence Day, Republic Day & Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday along with all other indian states. And for islamic religion muslims get holiday for the festival celebration of Ramazan, Bakri Id, Idu’l Zuha, and for hindus Diwali, the Festival of Lights is celebrated.

Date Day Holiday
26 Jan Thu Republic Day
(National Day)
15 Aug Tue Independence Day
2 Oct Mon Mahatma Gandhi’s

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