How to Play International Lotteries from India 2018

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Playing or Gaming international lotteries online over the internet from India has become easy. Many of the foriegn lotteries draw happens out of the country and are EuroMillions or Mega Millions. Playing such overseas lotteries are not subject to Indian gambling restrictions.

Method to play international lottery online

It is for those who ever played online or purchased a lottery ticket through a lottery ticket concierge service

  • Here simply click banners or Play Now buttons on the website
  • Select the lottery to play
  • Choose the numbers manually with the help of number selector grid or produce a random set of numbers in the Quick Pick button.
  • Then Click the Continue button to order your purchase.
  • Key in the information to operate the account, or register a new account, and finish the purchase.
  • After placing the order, one can see the numbers in your online account.

In the probablity that one wins a prize, you will get a notification by text/ SMS or email to the email id given as one registers the account. You can also see the results for every lottery on the lottery sides once after every draw occurs.

Winnings are remitted straight into your online account. The prize winnings can later be withdrawn or utilized for near future ticket buys.

One such example is a player from Iraq who won an Oregon Megabucks jackpot of $6.4 million in the month of August 2015.

How to Play Lotteries across the World Online?

Power ball is one among the most famous lotteries in the world and has the record for giving the highest lottery jackpot of all time after 3 players receives a prize of above $1.58 billion in the month of March 2018.

Euro Millions is the multi-national European lottery with 9 participating nations like France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Draws are conducted each Tuesday and Friday evening.

UK Lotto is the very most popular lotteries in the UK, with draws being conducted two times a week on Wednesday & Saturday evenings. UK Lotto jackpots can simply outrival those of any Indian lottery game.

Mega Millions is also a multi-state lottery that occurs 2 times a week on Tuesday & Friday evenings. It has few of the biggest jackpots in the globe and the top prize is as large as $656 million.

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