Mahavir Jayanthi & Other Holidays for Chhattisgarh State in 2017

chhattisgarh-holidays-indiaThere is a belief for the state being called as Chhattisgarh from the thirty six ancient forts that prevailed in the region as “chhattis” means in hindi number of count 36 and “garh” means fort. Another belief that it is Chedisgarh or simply “Empire of the Chedis” for being ruled by Chedi dynasty during ancient times. And chhattisgarh is the corrupted form or pronounciation.

There are about 93% of population celebrating hindu festival holidays and 2% of muslim calendar holidays and a percent of christian observing christmas and new year holidays 2017. Apart from that there are chhattisgarh government holidays for Sikhism, Jainism or Sarnaism religion.

The religion dominates the holidays in Chhattisgarh are declared by the state government of india. The hindu festivals are famous here and one such important celebration is the birthday of Lord Mahavir Javanti determined as public holiday in Chhattisgarh. Also for buddhist The birth of Buddha and for sikhs Guru Nanak’s birthday are published as government public holidays of chhattisgarh 2017.

Date Day Holiday
26 Jan Thu Republic Day
(National Day)
24 Feb Fri Maha Shivaratri
13 Mar Mon Holi
4 Apr Tue Ram Navami
9 Apr Sun Mahavir Jayanti
14 Apr Fri Good Friday
14 Apr Fri Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
10 May Wed Buddha Purnima
9 Jun Fri Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti
26 Jun Mon Ramazan / Idu’l Fitr
(End of Ramadan) *
7 Aug Mon Raksha Bandhan
15 Aug Tue Independence Day
2 Sep Sat Bakri Id / Idu’l Zuha
(Feast of Sacrifice)
30 Sep Sat Durga Puja / Dussehra
(Vijaya Dashami)
1 Oct Sun Muharram
2 Oct Mon Mahatma Gandhi’s
19 Oct Thu Diwali
(Festival of Lights)
4 Nov Sat Guru Nanak Jayanti
2 Dec Sat Milad-un-Nabi
(Prophet’s Birthday)
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day


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