Review of Nepal Online Lottery & Elephant Polo Lottos 2018

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Nepal gambling laws are always multifold as the citizens are prevented from playing fortune games but the tourists above the age of 21 are exempted. There are about 8 casinos that tourists love to come, but nepalese also have their own method of amusement.

There is not even a national lottery in Nepal, thus citizens wish to attempt their luck at elephant polo matches. They strike huge amounts on every team, and the sport has become popular that one such World Elephant Polo Association tournaments is conducted in Nepal.

The Online Lottery gambling in Nepal are banned the online lotto platforms do suffer. The genuine forms of gambling for the locals is playing card games and elephant polo betting.

As per the Nepal national law, tourists are granted to bet live gambling in Nepal, with few chances for nepalese to become lottery winners. Foreign lotto websites maximum from the United States give away an opportunity to participate in draws where the jackpot is incredibly heavey. One has to be just twenty one years old or older to be get to participate.

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Bala Krish

is there any legal betting company in nepal ? Also any lottery company making profit in Nepal?

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