West Bengal Calendar Holidays for Year 2017

…West Bengal is lies between the greater Himalayan mountain range and the coastal Bay of Bengal. West Bengal has the vast architectural remains of the East India Company that ruled India. The capital city is Kolkata, previously called as Calcutta….

State of Bihar Holidays for New Year 2017

…Bihar is a hard land-locked indian state with only one route to the kolkata harbor lies inbetween West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Bihar gets a transitional climate, economy & traditional culture. Bihar consider its festival to be significant and the…

Uttarakhand State Holidays 2017 for New Year

…Uttarakhand is a Hindu pilgrimage devoted state along with major yoga study centre. The state went fame throughout the world when the Beatles visited there in the year 1968. Because of its natural wonder and sprawling of hindu temples everywhere…

West Bengal State Holidays in 2018

…of West Bengal, the 4th most populous state in the nation. Both the state & central govts. have unveiled the calendar holidays in WB for the year 2018. Holidays can be sectioned as public holidays, bank holidays & national holidays….