Odisha State Government Holidays and Events List in 2018

Odisha State Government Holidays and Events List in 2018:

The Odisha Government had announced the New Year 2018 fixed and optional holidays and events list for the state of Odisha.

Here we mentioned the month wise holidays list with the events list for the New Year 2018 in the state of Odisha across all the districts.

Odisha State Fixed and Optional Holidays 2018 List:
January 2018 Holidays List:
13th January 2018 2nd Saturday
22nd January 2018 Basanta Panchami/Saraswati Puja
23rd January 2018 Netaji Subash Ch.Bose Jayanti/Veer Surendra Sai Jayanti
26th January 2018 Republic Day
5th January 2018 Guru Govind Singh Jayanti
25th January 2018 Foundation Day of Brahma Samaj

February 2018 Holidays List:
10th February 2018 2nd Saturday
14th February 2018 Maha Shivaratri
15th February 2018 Day following Shivaratri

March 2018 Holidays List:
1st March 2018 Dola Purnima
2nd March 2018 Holi
5th March 2018 Panchayati Raj Divas
10th March 2018 2nd Saturday
30th March 2018 Good Friday
29th March 2018 Mahaveer Jayanti

April 2018 Holidays List:
14th April 2018 2nd Saturday
7th April 2018 Easter Saturday
30th April 2018 Budha Purnima/Birthday of Pandit Raghunath Murmu

May 2018 Holidays List:
12nd May 2018 2nd Saturday
15th May 2018 Sabitri Amabasya

June 2018 Holidays List:
9th June 2018 2nd Saturday
14th June 2018 Pahili Raja
15th June 2018 Raja Sankranti
16th June 2018 Id-Ul_Fitre

July 2018 Holidays List:
14th July 2018 2nd Saturday

August 2018 Holidays List:
1st August 2018 2nd Saturday
15th August 2018 Independence Day
22nd August 2018 Id-uz-Zuha

September 2018 Holidays List:
8th September 2018 2nd Saturday
13th September 2018 Ganesh Puja
14th September 2018 Nuakhai
21st September 2018 Moharram

October 2018 Holidays List:
2nd October 2018 Gandhi Jayanti
8th October 2018 Mahalaya
13th October 2018 2nd Saturday
16th October 2018 Maha Saptami
17th October 2018 Maha Astami
18th October 2018 Maha Navami
19th October 2018 Vijaya Dashami
24th October 2018 KuMarch Purnima / Maha Laxmi Puja

November 2018 Holidays List:
7th November 2018 Kali Puja/Diwali
10th November 2018 2nd Saturday
17th November 2018 Anla Navami
21st November 2018 Birth Day of Prophet Mohammad
23rd November 2018 Rasa Purnima
30th November 2018 Prathamastami

December 2018 Holidays List:
8th December 2018 2nd Saturday
25th December 2018 X-Mas Day
24th December 2018 Christmas Eve



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