Public Holidays Year 2017 in Arunchal Pradesh State

arunachal-pradeshArunachal Pradesh is popularly called as the Orchid State or “Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains,” located in the northern east part of India. The ancestors of Arunachal Pradesh are the native people of Tibeto-Burman civilization. Arunachal Pradesh borders the country of Bhutan, Myanmar and China who follow nature and traditional beliefs of worshipping.

As per census 2011 report that 30 percent are following Christian, 26 percent of indigenous religion, and remaining belongs to Donyl-Polo identity. Only protectional Laws are available to indigenous religions in the state as no other religions have like protections.

The Public holidays of Arunachal Pradesh are identified by the government which has 3 various holidays lists. Citizens observe gazetted holidays which are applicable all over holidays in india. And on these holidays all the schools, banks and offices should shut. In Arunachal Pradesh, these might comprise Republic Day, New Year’s Day & Christmas Day. The Restricted holidays of arunachal pradesh are those that an worker might select to take depending on religious or traditional beliefs such as Pongal, Easter Sunday & Rath Yatra. There are even Local holidays 2017 in Arunachal Pradesh like Si Donyi celebrated by the Tagin tribe whereas Uying-Aran is observed by the Adi tribe.

26 JanThuRepublic Day
(National Day)
15 AugTueIndependence Day
2 OctMonMahatma Gandhi’s


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