Top Ten Variety of TV Programs in Vendhar TV on Diwali

Vendhar TV devotional program for diwali is a must watch followed by other entertainment programes scheduled. First time in vendhar tv the viewers can watch latest just weeks passed new tamil flick as special deepavali movie. Some three or more special films are expected to get telecasted in Vendhar TV […]

List of Premiere Pictures Planned in Polimer TV for Diwali Festivals

Polimer TV shows small advisory ads for its deepavali festival tv programs viewers on “Dos and donts during deepavali” to celebrate a safety diwali. Polimer TV will be hosting depavali sirappu pattimandram for children, youths, and elders. Polimer TV programs scheduled for 29th october 2016 has been trailed and teased […]

Catch Captain TV Diwali Festival Celebrations Special Movies

Captain TV often broadcasts program on star interview celebrating their first deepavali or thala diwali. Captain tv programs for diwali 2016 is alike every other channels starting with topics on iraivan, kadavul, devotional songs. The diwali programmes in Captain TV is likely to be unique this time comparing all other […]

K TV Deepavali Programs: 8 Special Movies for Diwali in KTV

KTV has lot of diwali tv programs with first one being temple dharisanam on the deepavali day. KTV lasting lot of movies and new diwali film songs of forthcoming, are on telecast for the special deepavali tv audience. KTV deepavali will play diwali release tamil film songs. KTV has no […]